Sunday, September 27, 2009


Aight well kinda...I mean I never left, its been 5months and no update tho!, lots been going on, I will do my best to build with my peeps on here again...I been also treating my facebook more like a blogsite as of late lol...I hope everyone is well and peace and progressive. Same ol for me, doing what I can to stay focused and intune. Playing more gigs, reading, observing, listening, loving, building, breathing, stretching, balancing, overall learning and growing, etc. The keys to staying a(live). Definitely happy I must say, life is grand! Living in the now/moment and just being/existing and going with the flow has been the best way, not sweating the lil ish or dwelling on the past.

My project "Scatterbrain Tapes Vol 1" was released back in June via and if you don't get it direct from them you can go to or order @ only 100 were pressed up and at this moment I am told there are only a handful left in existance!

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