Tuesday, March 31, 2009

rocking at the bday bash with my fam!

Was a wierd day overall, but I was in the zone here.....Props to Lokua, Momentsound, Kenny Keys, Ebony, Brother Chris, Uncle El, Constance K, Kollage etc.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Magic Weed.....

THE number one crop...THE number one herb..see how and why here...real talk, the story is always the same.."certain" individuals constantly have to control the basic necessities of our survival and need to have a good life....countless times the same story comes up....wtf! Wake up!!! this doc is 5stars, its a bunch of parts to this video, here are the first and second. I have also linked the full google movie within the title.
peace, progress and stay "high"

Monday, March 23, 2009



My B-Day is coming, and these are some things I NEED!!! ;)

Maybe someone(s) out there can help me...I have been a very good boy etc...

ps..If any viewers get these before I do, you are a biter!!!

oh and a Brasilian/Ethiopian/Thai mix....................

Monday, March 16, 2009

Man Juices in Blackface???

LMAO!!!! is he serious?!?!?!?

I been looking up juicing recipes and tips/info etc and stumbled upon this guy, he claims he makes juice without a juicer...the part I don't get is the blackface, lol....idiot? I just got the Nutrisource 1000 which I love and don't mind inserting 1-3 carrots at a time in...I advise people to invest in one, the quest to live close to invincible while physically on Earth is important! If you juice, im curious to recipes you may have and/or tips/suggestions in holistic/original ways. Carrot, Orange and Strawberry is my fave so far.

New DOOM!!!!!!

Do your own finding, Im not gonna link the album, ;) but it's leaked and is sick!!! The cover alone and this track here are bananas!!!!!!! Hard and grimy, plus you got the goat on the beats beats beats beats!!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Scatterbrain Tapes Vol 1...........

Designed by my right hand man Cykey of Masfina, who also designed neighborhood suicide. Tape is super close to done, will be on the local independent tape label plustapes.com I will be turning in the music shortly just waiting for a few last details..........60mins of new beats, demos, experiments, and of course scattered thoughts. I will be uploading a couple snippets real real soon...

And on the 1st day......

Blah blah blah.....

Ok yo..It had to be done, a few close friends told me that I needed a site, I kinda sorta agree, so I decided to roll with this blog for now....And its my birth month so couldn't have been better timing...I know the blog game isn't what it was, but so what! Im the type of person semi into status updates, I like to have fun with words and expressions. I have alot of ideas and random thoughts, interests, fazes, opinions, moods and alot of etceteras, etc's. So with that said, here it goes. I appreciate you tuning in, and am looking forward to learning more from you and furthering connecting myself with others. No way to say how often I will be updating but you can expect to hear, see and if I can figure out a way to trigger your other senses, then so be it! Im gonna make it happen lol. I will be posting new tracks, vids, showcases, accessories etc, whatever Im feeling at the moment....and much more....
peace/progress and most important keep in tune...
ps. Finally watched The Education of Sonny Carson today.....crazy!

And If you were or are a Wu-Baby like me, then you can relate to this scene....I actually almost felt the beatings he received while running through the line, all I gotta say to that is wow!